3 cities you should visit in south- east Sicily


Sicily –  largest island in the Mediterranean, offers plenty of things for you to see and experience!

The province of Ragusa can indeed offer you everything: interesting history, architecture, amazing food and sandy beaches. In order not to miss out on what’s important, we have prepared a short of list of must-see places!


The city of Ragusa is the biggest and the main city in the region located on 2 hills looking at each other, therefore nowadays it is divided into the new and old Ragusa, the latter one being called Ragusa Ibla.

It was rebuilt after 1693 earthquake which destroyed the city. Thus, afterward, everyone moved onto the hill nearby (the new Ragusa) built around the 1700s.

Ragusa Ibla is a very unique and walk down it grants you amazing views and atmosphere.  Start your walk down from Santa Maria delle Scale and get lost in the narrow alleys and squares.

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Modica – the city situated in the Hybleaen mountains, which also consists of 2 urban centers Modica Alta (Upper Modica) and Modica Bassa (Lower Modica).

The city is a home of 2 breathtaking cathedrals: Cathedral of San Giorgio with the impressive 180 leading up to it and the Cathedral of San Pietro, which you will find on the opposite side of the old and very unique Jewish quarter of the Cartelione.

While in Modica, don’t forget to taste the famous Modica chocolate- it is the city’s specialty!

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Stop by the ancient city of Scicli tracing its origins back to 1500 BC and get immersed in the amazing Baroque architecture.

Among all the breathtaking churches, the abandoned Church of San Matteo is of particular interest. The walk up the hill can be daunting, however along the way you will pass caves chiseled in the rock (Chiarafura caves), which were dug out of hills surrounding Scicli and were inhabited at one time.

You should also pay a visit to Chuch of San Bartolomeo, Palazzo Beneventano, Church of San Michele the Arcangelo.

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