3 places to see near Rome


There is much to see in Rome, but this time we will focus on some of the places you can see outside the eternal city. This is also perfect for those who want to stay in their own vacation home in one of the many cozy towns around Rome. Some days you can go on day trips to the capital, and other days you can visit places that are within easy reach of Rome. Common to these places is that it is also possible to stay in Rome and take day trips outside the city by train. Cozy, and great cities like Tarquinia, Ostia Antica, and Orvieto can be reached by local train in less than an hour.

Ostia Antica

3 steder å se i nærheten av RomaOstia Antica was founded in the 4th century before Christ and served as port for Rome until the Tiber River changed its course to where it goes today. Ostia is about 30 km northeast of Rome, next to the Mediterranean Sea, and back then it was a bustling port city. At its peak it had around 100,000 inhabitants. Ostia is believed to have been Rome’s first colony, and was built by Ancus Marcius, the 4th king of Rome. The city was attacked many times, including by Arab pirates. By the end of the Roman Empire, the town began to decay. In the 9th century, the last people moved out of Ostia and the city was abandoned. Today it is possible to visit the ancient ruins of the city, and get an insight into what life was like back then. You can easily spend 2-3 hours here just by walking around, looking at the old buildings that are in very good condition.


3 steder å se i nærheten av RomaThe city is an impressive sight, situated on a small plateau, surrounded by vineyards, olive trees and cypresses. Orvieto is located north of Rome and is a city filled with history. If the cobbled streets, the old churches and piazzas medieval had been able to speak, they would certainly have had some very interesting stories to tell. Unfortunately, it is not possible, so we have to “settle” with a stroll around to peek, and enjoy the sight of the many beautiful buildings, as well as soak in the special atmosphere found in Orvieto. The city currently has around 20,000 inhabitants, but was one of the great cities of the former medieval 1300s. Back then there lived more than 30 000 people here. One of the main attractions in Orvieto is the breathtaking Duomo from 1290. It is an impressive sight with its massive facade. The church was home to the Pope for a period of more than 300 years. The trains leave from Rome once an hour and the trip to Orvieto takes an hour and 10 minutes.


3 steder å se i nærheten av RomaTarquinia is a very old city. The first time we hear about it is in the year 800 B.C. And back then the city belonged to the Etruscans. Since then, the city has been home to two Roman kings and been an important part of the Roman Empire. The town is the perfect starting point for a family vacation. There is a lot to see here, like the many historical monuments, the National Museum of Etruscan history and the cozy old town. In addition, it is only a short distance to the Mediterranean. If you are traveling to Rome and want to experience an exciting city not far from the capital, then Tarquinia is the place. It takes approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes by train from Rome and these run every hour. Enjoy a good lunch in the town before you stroll around and look at the ancient tombs of the Etruscans, which are more than 2,000 years old. Many of these are hand-painted and incredibly decorative.

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