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The ritual of Aperitivo

Aperitivo ritual is most certainly a must-try during your stay in Italy to enrich your food experience. It usually consist of pre-dinner drink and some salty snacks. The word “Apéritivo” comes from the Latin verb “aperire”, which means “to open.” It usually involves a beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite. Classic aperitivo […]

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Your Italian autumn

There is no bad time to visit Italy, however, autumn brings out a different and unique side of this beautiful country. There are also a few more practical reasons that make Italy your perfect autumn destination. Less crowds Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate beauty when you are standing in the line for hours. […]

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In search of the perfect gelato in Rome

Every Roman has its own favorite gelateria and they could spend hours arguing about it. You will find a gelato shop around every corner in Rome, however, remember that the most impressive display or most colorful ice cream rarely guarantee an equally amazing taste. Therefore for you not to get lost, we have prepared for […]

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3 stunning lakes in Italy

Besides having a 7,600 km long coastline which includes some breathtaking beaches, Italy also has 1,500 lakes some of which are pretty spectacular. We have picked for you 3 probably most amazing lakes in Italy. Lake Garda Not only it is the biggest lake in Italy but probably of the most spectacular ones too. Located […]

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Supercar museums in Italy

Italy is known for good food, fine wines, fashion, architecture and miraculous beaches… And even though that’s quite a list already –  that is not it. There is something that could make your husband book tickets to Italy sooner than you think! Italy is also home to some finest sports cars ever created: from Lamborghini […]

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Must-buy souvenirs from Italy

Have you ever been so immersed in enjoying your holiday that you almost forgot to buy souvenirs for your family and friends? Last-minute souvenir shopping can be way too stressful if you haven’t done homework. But not to worry! We have prepared you a small list of things worth bringing back home from Italy! Taste […]

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3 cities you should visit in south- east Sicily

Sicily –  largest island in the Mediterranean, offers plenty of things for you to see and experience! The province of Ragusa can indeed offer you everything: interesting history, architecture, amazing food and sandy beaches. In order not to miss out on what’s important, we have prepared a short of list of must-see places! Ragusa The […]

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Vegan & Vegetarian places to eat in Rome

Yes, you heard it right. There is more of Italy and Rome than just pizza & pasta or mozzarella & prosciutto.  And although it may not seem the most vegan/vegetarian friendly city at first sight, there is actually quite a few great spots to taste flavorsome Italian cuisine. Here is few of our suggestions for […]

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