In search of the perfect gelato in Rome


Every Roman has its own favorite gelateria and they could spend hours arguing about it.

You will find a gelato shop around every corner in Rome, however, remember that the most impressive display or most colorful ice cream rarely guarantee an equally amazing taste. Therefore for you not to get lost, we have prepared for you our little guidebook on where to taste the best gelato in the city.


My personal favorite. “No tricks, just nature” – Fatamorgana’s motto – perfectly summarizes this place. Nice, simple gelateria offering a wide range of heavenly tasting ice cream. Great selection of dairy free, vegan ice cream.

Address: Piazza degli Zingari, 5, (Monti), Via Roma Libera, 11 (Trastevere)

Gelateria del Teatro

Another great quality place for your gelato experience. As they present their philosophy: “We only use seasonal products, never forcing but adapting to that cycle.”

There are always some surprises in the daily-changing list. Be ready to stand in the line but we guarantee – it is worth the wait!

Address: Via dei Coronari, 65/66

Le Neviera

A local favorite – small gelateria close to San Giovanni. The name refers to the old way of making gelato and slushes, using snow from the mountains. Small display offers around 20 different flavors all made with fresh and seasonal products.

Address: Via Taranto, 66

We sincerely hope this little guidebook will help you start your wander around the city searching for the perfect gelateria. Happy tastings!

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