Must-buy souvenirs from Italy


Have you ever been so immersed in enjoying your holiday that you almost forgot to buy souvenirs for your family and friends?

Last-minute souvenir shopping can be way too stressful if you haven’t done homework. But not to worry! We have prepared you a small list of things worth bringing back home from Italy!

Taste of Italy

Regardless of which region you are, there always are local specialties, types of ham and cheese that are most definitely worth trying and bringing back home. However, be sure to double check your airline policy as depending on where are flying to, some of these items can be strictly off the list.

However, there still are things you pack with you with no trouble:

– Olive oil – look for from locally pressed olives made oil.

– Wine – regardless if it’s bought directly from the vineyard or from the local supermarket, there’s so much good wine in Italy that you simply can’t go wrong!

– After-meal liquor. In Italy, after a meal you are ought to have some digestif. Most of them are a bitter taste, others – a bit sweeter. Experiment with it throughout your holiday, bring home the one you liked to the most and serve it cold after dinner for your friends!

– Pasta. Choose carefully and seal it adequately for travel!

– Modena Balsamic Vinegar. Simply a delicious addition to everything.

Style of Italy

Besides the food, Italy is well known for stylish people and good quality leather goods. Here are a few things you should consider treating yourself and your friends with:

– Gloves – good quality leather gloves are a great and easy to transport gift for both men and women. If you happen to be in Florence or Milan – stop by the glove specialty store and experience the process of finding the right pair of gloves.

– Scarves and ties – not only for the good material but also for the stylish options.

We hope this will put your holiday souvenir shopping at ease!

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