Supercar museums in Italy


Italy is known for good food, fine wines, fashion, architecture and miraculous beaches… And even though that’s quite a list already –  that is not it.

There is something that could make your husband book tickets to Italy sooner than you think! Italy is also home to some finest sports cars ever created: from Lamborghini to Ferrari, travelers can see all these museums even in one day since they all located near the towns of Bologna and Modena.

Lamborghini Museum

Located not far from Bologna – this museum is a must for those that want to learn the history of the world’s finest sports car. Guests, there will also be able to sit inside the vehicles, including posh Countach S, the Jalpa and other.

Casa Enzo Ferrari

It is a new Ferrari museum with futuristic design located in Modena and it’s another must-see for fine sports car lovers. This museum features a full fleet of Ferrari and other sports vehicles. One of the coolest features at this museum is virtual races. Guests can race against other tourists in their favorite simulated Ferrari cars!

Ferrari museum Maranello

Visitors of this museum have access to all the top Formula 1 Ferrari race cars. There you can sign up for a guided tour which offers intricate details on how Ferrari vehicles are built and produced: this includes engines, along with the exterior and the famous Ferrari emblem.

Museo Ferruccio Lamborghini

Pay a visit to this museum too if you are interested to see how classic Lamborghinis were made, as well as how they have impacted the sports vehicles market for decades.

Maserati factory and showroom

Maserati is one of the most fascinating car production companies with a long history of appeal, tradition and sporting success. Maserati factory is located in Modena and you can book a guided tour to see all around it! Or just visit the showroom is located inside of the factory and is open to the public with free admission!

Make sure to book tours in advance and enjoy hours of entertainment while visiting these museums!

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