The ritual of Aperitivo


Aperitivo ritual is most certainly a must-try during your stay in Italy to enrich your food experience. It usually consist of pre-dinner drink and some salty snacks. The word “Apéritivo” comes from the Latin verb “aperire”, which means “to open.” It usually involves a beverage served before a meal to stimulate the appetite.

Classic aperitivo includes a dry, bitter based cocktail. These options included Spritz – either made with aperol or campari and prosecco, Americano cocktail made with sweet vermouth, campari and soda or Negroni for the ones who like the stronger taste – made from gin, campari and vermouth. If you like bubbles, you could also go for a glass of Prosecco.

The traditional ritual should only include olives, chips and peanuts only, served along with a drink. However, these days most places offer a wide variety of cold cuts, salads, pasta, bread and a advertise it as one drink + food buffet for a fixed price type of deal.

Keep in mind that aperitivo usually starts at around 6 or 7 and goes until 9 pm. There is not one great place for aperitivo – there are hundreds! Therefore, make sure to ask around locals and check online to find the best spots in the area of your visit.

Going for an aperitivo not only can be an economical choice to have a light and delicious dinner and a drink for a very reasonable price but it is also a very social and a real way of getting to know Italian culture.


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