Boy’s trip

Italy has a lot to offer.
Guys who decide to take a trip together have so many things that they can experience in Italy. From wine tasting at the various wineries or even watching how ham is produced. You will never have a dull moment.
We can offer advice and organize programs for you, for example, if you want to go hiking in the mountains.

Or for speed freaks we can organize an opportunity for you to experience driving a Ferrari on the road or track.
Or maybe visit the Ferrari museum…

We organize activities according to your wishes as well as accomodation in one of our villas or hotel. We organize, for example, cooking, shopping with a personal shopper or a tour with a Norwegian guide. Other activities include cycling, mountaineering or climbing trees. A guide is available on request. If you suffer from allergies or are in a wheelchair you will not be left out; we also have activities for you.

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