Your Italian autumn


There is no bad time to visit Italy, however, autumn brings out a different and unique side of this beautiful country. There are also a few more practical reasons that make Italy your perfect autumn destination.

  1. Less crowds

Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate beauty when you are standing in the line for hours. Summer is the most popular time for holidays, therefore some of the more known places get packed with tourists. Being stuck in the crowd can come in a way of appreciating the architectural wonders surrounding you.

  1. Mild weather

Summer heat can also be very exhausting when you are sightseeing all day. Especially when you are in the city where the sea or lakes are nowhere close to being found. If you are planning to do a lot of exploring and walking around, then warm and sunny autumn days might be your perfect timing. The weather is mild and therefore way less tiring.

  1. Better deals for flights & hotels

Going on holiday to Italy in autumn can also be much more economical since the flight prices usually go down and with the decrease in tourist flows you should be able to get better deals for hotels, apartment and villa rentals.

  1. Autumn colors and wine harvest time

Autumn also brings out a beautiful side of Italy’s nature and the countryside. With the tree leaves changing colors, take a day trip to one of the amazing vineyards in the country and experience not only the fun of wine harvest festivals but also the sight of endless vineyards.

Italy is amazing regardless of when you go there, however, we hope you will find our insights useful. Happy travels!


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